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HDML-Cloner Box

HDML-Cloner Box

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PC-Free and standalone! Record videos/games directly onto your USB storage device.
Capture videos or gameplay from various HDMI video devices including game consoles, set-top box, drone, medical endoscope onto a USB flash drive or external hard disk, without a PC!
Press and record. Tiny and portable.
Just press one REC button to start capturing. Thanks to the tiny size and allows you to carry around anywhere easily.
Non-split video capture.
Plug a NTFS formatted USB flash drive, record and save your video as a complete video file instead of multiple 2GB video files, thus you don't need to merge them with video editing software any more!
Record live commentary or voice-over.
Record your live commentary with the microphone mixer. Plug a microphone and then record your game play with your own voice!
Lag-Free HDMI pass-through.
Record while you are playing games or enjoying favorite videos without interruption or frame loss. The lag-free pass-through function brings a zero-delay gaming experience.
Built-in H.264 hardware encoder, play back on various platforms.
The output video encodes in H.264 (MP4) with fine picture quality, easy to edit and compatible with multiple playback platforms.
Bundled video editing software ready for your post production.
MP4-Cloner and HDML-Cloner Helper are versatile program to edit MP4 files recorded by HDML-Cloner Box. It enables you to trim a video, combine video clips, convert to other video formats and burn your videos to discs.
Tip: The video will be recorded as a single file by using NTFS formatted USB storage device. FAT32 formatted USB storage device works more stably, but the recorded video will be split into multiple files. 
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Tips :

Please click here to learn how to select a proper USB flash drive to work with HDML-Cloner Box.

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