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ClonerAlliance Flint LX

ClonerAlliance Flint LX

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1080p 60fps capture and USB 3.0 supported
Capture uncompressed 1080p 60fps with ultra low latency through USB 3.0 and TYPE-C ports record videos/gameplay from any HDMI video device including movie discs, set-top boxes, SLR cameras, FPV drones, PC, Mac, surgical devices, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, especially for most fast-paced FPS or action-packed ARPG. It can capture uncompressed raw data with ultra low latency.

Perfect third party software compatibility.
ClonerAlliance Flint LX works with any DirectShow compliant software such as XSplit, OBS, Wirecast, VLC, PotPlayer, QuickTime or Adobe Premiere Pro and broadcasts live videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Hitbox, etc to share with your friends or subscribers.

Plug and play.
No need to install the driver. With UVC Standard, installing ClonerAlliance Flint LX is simple! No driver is required.

HDMI pass through
HDMI pass through output port enables you to send digital video to TV for monitor. Record and display at the same time.

Multiple devices input
Whether you're broadcasting live events or recording videos, You can even hook up multiple ClonerAlliance Flint LX devices to your computer for PIP display.

Schedule recording.
With Free-bundled HDML-Cloner Pro Helper, you can upgrade firmware to recognize any HDMI source and schedule video recording tasks for watching them later. Specially designed Android App for ClonerAlliance Flint LX. Cloner Alliance App for Android is a free Apps for displaying and recording HDMI video through ClonerAlliance Flint LX with Android phone anywhere. Search "ClonerAlliance" in Google Play to install it.

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