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ClonerAlliance ViewPro
ClonerAlliance ViewPro
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ClonerAlliance ViewPro

ClonerAlliance ViewPro


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Portable Standalone 1080p@60fps HDMI Video Recorder. No TV is Required.
This video recorder records 1080p@60fps videos from game consoles, STB, video players, PC, DSLR, surgical cameras, etc to your USB flash drive, external hard drive or SD card. The recorded H.264/MP4 files are compatible with PC, mobile phone and any other platforms.

7" LCD Screen and Remote Control
The large 7" LCD and built-in speaker allow you to preview the audio & video. Press one button to start recording with the remote control.

Schedule Recording
Simply schedule the recording task, set up your video source, select the target channel and let it go. You'll never miss the latest sports events and other favorite videos.

Compatible with 3rd party software.
Capture videos to desktops/laptops running Windows. Compatible with 3-party software such as XSplit, OBS, Wirecast, Skype.

Switch the HDMI/AV/VGA/YPbPr Input Freely.
Convert your old video tapes to digital format with one press. Record and digitalize video from VHS, VCRs, DVD players, DVRs, camcorders, surgical video systems, retro gaming systems. 4K@30fps input is supported.

Snapshot Capture
Amazing or hilarious moments while watching videos won't wait your camera to capture. Just one press can make it. Save them into the storage device and browse them anytime.

Live Commentary
3.5mm Microphone allows you to add your own voice into the gameplay in time, mixing line-in and mic audio to gaming smoothly.

Versatile Bundled Software
Bundled ClonerAlliance software are versatile tools for you to capture, broadcast, trim, combine, convert and burn your videos on Windows OS.

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